List of projects


The homepage was built to inform people about Smart Home Heating questions. It takes all kind of homepage optimization into consideration like: competition analysis, page structuring and article focus, onsite and offsite SEO.
See also blog entry Page Released: Smart Home Heizkörperthermostat.

The software product “Anion Cation Finder (FlAuMoQ)

FlAuMoQ guides you step by step through your inorganic qualitative ion analysis. This app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Using a platform independent approach made it possible to spead up the implementation time and to reduce the maintenance effort. Read more about FlAuMoQs purpose and other details:

The software product “Daily Scrum Time Keeper (DSTimeK)”

DSTimeK is a timer that helps teams members in Daily Scrum Meeting to stick to their your allotted time for speaking. This app is available only on iOS. Read more about DSTimeKs purpose and other details: