Anion Cation Finder (FlAuMoQ) – guides you step by step through your inorganic qualitative ion analysis


With FlAuMoQ you can find your inorganic ions quicker and easier. Starting with a preselection, then enter all your organoleptic analyses for Color, Hygroscopicity, Solubility and Crystallinity, do your chemical test and plan your next steps based on an overview ranked by test fulfillment percentages. You can repeat and precise your tests, your selection, work with filters look up details for ion properties until you have found your ions or ion combinations.

Since August 2020 the app is not available any more in App Store, Play Store and Windows Store, but as Web Application (works in Chrome, Safari…) to be started with red button above or by clicking on https://flaumoq.quizzingbee.com/v1.


See the german blog here.

Target groups and key words
  • Students and trainees of Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine
    key words: cations, anions, inorganic analyses, organoleptic, ion, ion detection, periodic system, pharmacy, organoleptic, wet-chemical test, chemistry, laboratory assistance, separation process of cations, DE: Ionenlotto, Trennungsgang, Vorproben, Kation
  • App developers and different stakeholders of app technologies
    key words: openUI5, cordova, platforms independent app development: ios, android, windows phone… strategies for app development
    Read this blog ITMeetsAPO strategy and aims to understand why the “App developers…” target group is mentioned here. Basically the app uses a special technical component combination which the interest groups can see live by downloading it from the corresponding stores.
Situation without FlAuMoQ
  • There are hundres of combinations of ions that needs to be taken into consideration during the analysis – overwhelming
  • given the ions that are in the mixture, one needs to find out the relevant combinations – time consuming and error prone
  • having no guidance on the order of the tests and their qualitites – each executed analysis has a different structure and a different way of noting down the results
  • no quick setting and testing of properties and checking what it means at the end for the result – can’t do quick test iterations
  • and MOST important, not validated sources on properties of the different tests – time consuming and recurring search for the properties of ions or ion combinations
Situation with FlAuMoQ (use cases & advantages)
  • rely on the knowledge (in respect to data and processes) of experienced pharamciest: Alessandro Giunta supported by Friederike Amann both having approbation in pharmacy
    • rely on already researched data sources – have validated sources of ions, ion combinations, their details and properties
    • since the app was intended for training purposes poisoned, too seldom, too expensive, not stable ions are not part of the data source – data sources are not blown up by “useless” ions or ion combinations
  • Use the pre-selection of ions (reduces the complexity) and with it limit the number of ions you consider in further tests. Furthermore the ions in the pre-selection are grouped into useful categories to better find and judge the relevance of the ion
  • do your tests e.g. on colour of the ion combination and enter your result. Only those colours that are possible for the pre-selected ions are offered – context sensitive display of data.
  • find out which and how many ion combinations fulfil the property (e.g. Solubility In Water: Poor soluble) and see it graphically displayed in the details view. Furthermore find more information about an ion combinations in the details view (e.g. for AluminiumFluoride you find in the details view “Solubility In Water”: Poorly soluble in water, acids and alkalis)
  • all used lists support filtering for the information given in the list – quickly find the ion in doubt, search for common properties
  • besides testing for properties like colour, you can also maintain the result of wet chemical tests in the app – see how the result will change
  • have a look at the ranked result working with probabilities to see which ion combinations and ions are most likely in your mixture
  • change any of your findings independent of others and immediately see how this changes the probabilities – use an iterative maintaining approach
  • profit from the translations in different languages – search for or work with your preferred terms: did you know that PotassiumAcetate means KaliumAcetat in german?
NEW: Version 1.0.2
  • added chemical proof page with details for 45 anions cations on how to test them (page can reached via chemical test)
  • chemical proofs page sums up the most important parts of the test AND links to further information
  • chemical proof test results can be stored in the application
  • new anion cation combinations added, just Lithium added 16 combinations
  • improved usability: apps reacts smoother, more focus on red result (pie) button, click reaction improved
  • performance updates: amongst others asynchronous loading of data…
  • adverts have been removed
Version 1.0.0
Main message
  • profit from data and process knowledge from experienced pharmacist
  • profit from future data source updates – get more ion combinations and details
  • use FlAuMoQ to do your inorganic qualitative ion analysis and save time, nervs and reach good quality results

Below you see an example of how the FlAuMoQ can be used:

  • I miss ions or ion combinations in your app. I have doubts if your ions properties are correct – I found different sources. | Please let us know if you want additional or different information to be displayed.
  • The shown details for the test properties are not correct. I have different values, e.g. colors for ions? | Due to the fact that ions are natural occurring substances, please consider the following factors:
    • impurities
    • age of substances
    • decomposition
    • humidity
    • interaction with other substances

    All these factors and many other can affect the properties of the substances. We took the properties of ions how they occur in theory – but also refer to natural differences in the details.

  • The shown test results are not correct. Something wrong with the Hygroscopicity? | Keep in mind that if you have one hygroscopic ion in your analyses and other good in water soluble ions it could be possible that you see only a solution in your vessel but this solution can contain also non hygroscopic ions.
  • The shown test results are not correct. Something wrong with the Solubility? | Keep in mind that if an ion is soluble in a solution like H2O, HCl or HNO3 etc. you can’t see that in every case. For these properties you can enter only the oppositional result. That would mean if your analyses is completely dissolved in water you can say that all your ions are soluble in water otherwise if your analyses doesn’t dissolve completely in water you can say that you have some ions that are insoluble in water but can not exclude that you have also soluble ions in your analyses. In this case you should perform some individual tests to check if there are some ions dissolved. Tests which are helpful are e.g. discoloration of KMnO4, flame coloration. To give some examples:
    • you put water over sugar and salt and see that you get a fluid -> Solubility = true
    • You put water over powder sugar and white flour and you don’t get a transparent fluid -> Solubility = poor
  • I have more than one ion combination that match 100% How is this possible? | More than one ion combination fulfills your test results. To ensure that the ions with 100% match are in your analyses by performing individual ion tests.
  • Can I switch the language of the app? | Only a limited number of languages are supported: german and english. You can switch between languages from within the app, but also with switching the phone language.
  • I want to run the app on other platforms. Is this possible? | The app is written platform independant. In case your platform is not supported yet, please let us know.
  • When I leave the app all changes, selected ions in preselection, test results and final results are gone. | Yes, that’s right. Saving/exporting data outside of the app is not supported. On an iPhone 5s you can press the home button to bring an app in background mode – then you can do something else – and safely return to the application later on, by double press the home button and choose the app you want to return to. The entered data will still be available. The same is possible with other platforms like android.
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