From Attitude to Vision

Nowadays IT and software is ubiquitous and solves everyday’s problems. There is a software, an app, for almost everything and people are using it also in their private lives. Even though there is a big offer of apps you always need something that doesn’t exist in the way you want it. Or you have ideas for completely new stuff and create the need for it with it. This is why software development is now more interesting than ever before: almost every private person is a user of software and with the knowledge of software development you can build your own products solving yours or others problems. In addition to that (most of the time) it’s risk free since you don’t need to invest a lot of money. Basically the hurdles coming to the point of having an own product are less compared to other kinds of products – take physical products. Overcoming these hurdles and in the end having a product which is used and appreciated by others, is worthwhile and is what drives me forward. In my business and now also in my private life.

Being a contributor to a product and seeing that somebody uses it feels good because your effort gets justified and maybe also somehow appreciated. Today and looking back, I have and had the attitude to look at problems with the eyes of an IT person. Plus, I have always invested time to solve one or the other problem. Basically I would say I have the attitude to build simple and useful software products that add value for others. And it’s not only about building the software, it’s the responsibility for the whole software lifecycle that makes projects like this interesting. Starting from being creative and brainstorm for an idea, over a business concept including financing, creating a prototype, productiziation up to selling and maintaining the software a lot of different facets are touched and needed to be taken care.

The starting points for most of the startups is a one-man-show or are only few people that group together united by an idea. The consequences of all decisions and executions let it be failure or success are directly passed to the entrepreneur(s). This is why the entrepreneur is and must be highly motivated to be successful. In the business life it’s not easy to reach a comparable role – having the responsibility and empowerment for all or at least most of the decisions along the software lifecycle of a product. Many people are working together in separation of labor, sharing failure and success and therefore might also “share” (divide) motivation and enthusiasm for the product. Plus often in production oriented areas like software development rewarding is independent of the actual success of the product. Still there are jobs in a company that have an entrepreneur like feeling.

My vision is to be or to work in an area like an software entrepreneur.

I am always collecting ideas and sometimes write business concepts (not talking about my professional career). I have written prototypes on different platforms. For smart phones on android, for a samsung tv but only a few made it go productive: on ios the app Daily Scrum Time Keeper (DSTimeK) and lately the platform independent app Anion Cation Finder (FlAuMoQ).

Let’s see what’s next and how I can reach my vision.